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Registering and maintaining intellectual and industrial property rights should be done carefully and sometimes requires quite an investment, but offers the possibility for exclusive use and exploitation of these rights.

Mrs G.J. Neuman is partner of MMBH and certified member of the Benelux assiciation for Trademark- and Designlaw (BMM)

We offer services in the area of registering and protection of intellectual property and are specialized in the protection of
– trademarks
– designs
– plant variety rights

We are a professional office with many of years experience in the area of intellectual property rights. We highly value personal approach and honest and solid advice.
Our services include:
– searches
– advising
– registration
– watch services
– licenses
– infringements
– portfolio screening
– interim support

We dispose of a comprehensive network of reliable overseas offices.

Where required we work closely with several renowned law firms across the world, thus being able to provide legal support in case of conflicts.

The costs for our services are relatively low and therefore very competitive.